Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Asp.Net Dynamic Data & Linq-to-Sql

Over the last few days I have been, when possible, trying to get to grips with Asp.Net Dynamic Data and Linq-to-Sql.

My first impression - its not what I expected.

It seems to be more difficult than it should be to be able to define the O/R mapping not to mention the little issue of the autogenerated datacontext disappearing if you extend the partial class and happen to name the class file the same as the .dbml file. Only turned on to the problem by a post on stackoverflow.

As I get more to grips with dynamic data I'll post more, for now I'm tending to pull my hair out trying to get it to do what should be simple

1 comment:

  1. Right there with ya on the pulling out of hair. I jumped in with two feet on Dynamic Data this week. Various code examples don't work and code that didn't work started working after an unrelated reboot.