Tuesday, 23 March 2010

MS Ajax Library under threat?

Just been reading a post by Stephen Walter about Scott Guthrie announcing Microsoft is putting its weight behind jQuery as the defacto client side technology for Microsoft products.

The post expands on what MS are doing and specifically putting resources into templating within jQuery.  Up to now the Ajax Library has been the way that MS have ‘suggested’ you do client side data binding but with their adoption of jQuery is the Ajax Library under threat?

As the amount of functionality in jQuery increases why should developers continue to use the MS Ajax Library? Especially if it seems another technology with more widespread acceptance appears to be coming along to replace it?

Will the MS Ajax Library go the way of Linq-To-Sql where MS support it but developing it is not a priority?

I for one will not be spending my time looking at the MS Ajax Library unless I need to for an existing project, my own spare time will go towards increasing my jQuery knowledge.

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