Thursday, 15 April 2010

Ok, so maybe I didn’t break VS 2010

So following up on my previous post I’ll admit I haven’t actually broken VS2010, but something still isn’t right.

One of my colleagues attempted to convert the project and it worked without any issues, the main difference being he’s running on XP 32 bit and I’m running on Win7 64 bit.

So first up I tried running VS 2010 as admin – but it didn’t seem to make any difference. Then since the build seemed to be stopping at CppCodeProvider and previous items listed in the build mentioned ‘Just my code’ so I googled that and found this forum post so I tried turning off the debugging option for ‘Just my code’ and got further when I ran the code the page displayed but looking at the build output there were loads of errors.

So I tried running VS 2010 as administrator again and voila it all worked.  So I tried turning the ‘Just my code’ debugging back on and ran VS 2010 again as administrator and it still worked.

So now I’m really confused, when I originally ran VS 2010 as administrator it didn’t work, now it does.

I don’t like having to run as administrator so I’m still investigating what the issue is with the project and believe that its related to the fact its a converted project.  What ever I find I’ll blog about.

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