Thursday, 1 July 2010

Scrum: Pain Points & Resolutions – summing it all up

In this series I’ve covered how to overcome problems in relation to Time, Management, Support, Planning & Scheduling and integration into the wider business.

This list is by no means definitive and your circumstances will most likely be different but hopefully you’ll have some ideas on how to tackle issues as they arise.

Another area where you run into problems is adoption of the various agile technical practices that you can use such as Test Driven Development, pair programming, continuous integration, etc but there are many articles, blogs & books out there that will help you overcome these type.

When it comes down to it the main way to resolve problems you run into is through communication, be sure to talk to people. You can often resolve problems and issues by talking to the people involved it is when the lines of communication break down that the problems become insurmountable.

Additional resources

I’ve included here some resources I’ve found useful as I’ve been progressed with scrum and agile.




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