Monday, 2 August 2010

Nu – package installation made easy

I heard about Nu today on The Morning Brew which had the following 2 links:

Now I followed the instructions in Bil Simsers article and after some initial problems with running Ruby from the command prompt on Win 7 (not sure why but opening a command prompt at a folder rather than from the start menu resulted in being told ruby was not installed – go figure).

I followed Bil’s article down to the ‘diving in’ section and within a few moments I had installed nHibernate, nUnit, Rhino Mocks and nLog.  To say I was impressed would be a bit of an understatement, in just a few moments I’d got the latest versions of OSS software I use and all their dependencies without having to download and run several installers.

Later that day I also saw this and got very excited only to ultimately be disappointed to find out that it was only some mocked up images (although I’m sure that somebody will probably have built it by the time I post this) but firmly believe that this should be the way references should be added in the future.

I will be looking to use Nu myself from now on but wonder what does this mean for projects such as hornget, which I know Steve Strong tweeted about fairly recently, and other package managers that have been created.

I do ask myself is Nu the piece of software that changes the .Net landscape for package management by showing us who use .Net how it should be done?


  1. Hi Nathan, I'm the one working on Nu for Visual Studio. I just wanted to assure you that it is an actual project and will be available within the next day or two.

    Part of the delay is figuring out how to deal with the various gem layouts that are currently out there. I want to make it dead simple to add a reference so that "It Just Works" (tm).

    Anyway, I hope you won't be disappointed for too much longer.


  2. Fantastic news! Really looking forward to seeing it on VS, let me know if you want testers