Friday, 21 October 2011

GiveCamp–what I hope will happen

So today is the day! GiveCamp is here and the next couple of days are likely to be manic.

I know what the organisers are hoping but seeing some tweets fluttering about I wanted to record what I hope will happen.

So, I hope that:

  • Developers who’ve said they’ll come do come
  • We focus on delivery of software for the charities
  • We don’t just use the latest tech because “we want to” or its cool
  • The charities involved get as much of the functionality in the software as possible
  • I meet new people and meet-up with existing friends/acquaintances
  • Everybody has fun.

Rob Ashton summed it up on twitter nicely saying

“Personally at #givecampuk I'm going to try and avoid doing New Things, I want to Deliver, learning will happen even then of course”

If you’re a reader of this blog and you are going to givecamp if we haven’t met before come up and say hi, will be good to meet you.

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