Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Windows Phone 7 Test Helper

Just a short post as currently all my time is taken up trying to get my first Windows Phone 7 app completed which I’ll blog about once its all done.

When I started my WP7 dev, me being me, I went TDD from the off but ran straight into an issue where I couldn’t fake the IsolsatedStorageSettings.ApplicationSettings which I’ve been using for data storage.

As I’m new to the platform I decided to live with it but last night I created code that I needed to test around storing data so I decided enough was enough and created a little wrapper class so I could fake the ApplicationSettings class.

Thus is born my WP7.TestHelper assembly where I’ll add any other classes that I find where I need to fake them for testing and you can’t do it out of the box.

As usual you can find the code in a repo on my GitHub.

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